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Welcome to Trademark Fitness (TMF), a specialized fitness studio committed to bringing biomechanical solutions to meet the health related needs & goals of it’s clientele.

TMF believes learning does not end with a degree or certificate, and so we are dedicated to a mission of continuous education to equip ourselves with the tools needed to service client needs & goals, through a customized training experience.

Our Goal

Individuals seek a variety of goals: Injury prevention, rehabilitation, performance, aesthetics, health, or just education for information sake.  Regardless of the goal, we seem to fall into each of these categories at different points of our lives.  It is the mission of trademark fitness to reach these goals.  Through our commitment to lifelong learning & experience we are able to provide a service to cater to the ever changing goals & needs of a wide spectrum of clientele.


Our Expertise

In pursuit of the highest level of information, TMF professionals have acquired an advanced level of knowledge of the body.  The embodiment of this education resides in several services offered at TMF: Muscle Activation Techniques, Personal Training, Sport Conditioning, and Professional Consultations.  Each service relays this advanced knowledge of the body and force application to create an exercise related program tailored to you.  To learn more about these services please refer to the services & rates section.



Your Experience

Despite our needs and goals, many of us can attest to the difficulty of actually doing it or sticking to it.  It has become the niche of TMF to deliver a professional level of service that is effective, efficient, and at the same time exciting.  In short, an experience to remember.  When services have both efficacy and entertainment it is easier to stay on track and realize your goals.